Diakonia in Times of the COVID Pandemic: Are We Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

Rev. Dr. Carlos Emilio Ham, Pastor Carlos Emilio Ham is a Doctor of Ministry from the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, Texas, and a Doctor of Philoso-phy in the area of Theology from the Free University of Amsterdam. Between 2001 and 2013, he worked as an executive in the World Council of Churches, first in the Evangelization Program and then in the Diakonia and Latin America and the Carib-bean programs. Since 2015 he is professor and rector of the Evangelical Seminary of Theology of Matanzas, where he also directs the Cuban School of Diakonia. Among his works are The Homiletical Tripod. A Guide for Lay Preachers (2000), and numerous articles and essays on diakonia, mission, evangelism, and homiletics including the recently released Diaconía de empoderamiento: a model for service and transfor-mation in local congregations .