The group of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Deacons became a member group of DOTAC in November 2018.  This community was formed following roster changes in the ELCA. 

In 2018 and 2019, Deacons in all nine Regions of the ELCA held gatherings.  These times of connecting and learning explored the dimensions of the Roster changes.

All Deacons in the ELCA have been invited to join the Affinity Group and the group is growing.  A will take time and intention to grow this group.  Time and intentional effort is being put into growing the group.  Infrastructure is being created, and volunteers have been recruited for fiscal, secretarial and convening responsibilities.  Conversation is being held about a “national” gathering of Deacons before the ELCA Rostered Leaders Gathering in 2020. 

A Report and Recommendations of the Entrance Rite was presented at the ELCA Churchwide assembly in the summer of 2019.  Formerly consecration and commissioning were the rites of entrance for the diaconate in the ELCA.  The new rite will be ordination for setting apart both ministers of Word and Sacrament and ministers of Word and Service.

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17 hours ago

**Third Sunday of Easter****April 18, 2021****Luke 24: 13-31**The Road to EmmausGod who walks with us, journey with us this day.On this occasion, may we move knowing you are beside us.God who is revealed in the scriptures, open our hearts and minds to your word.In this moment, may we be able to say, “Was not our hearts burning within us.”God who welcomes us with radical hospitality, may we greet the people we meet this day as angels unaware.Throughout this day, may we pray for the others in our lives.God who in known in the breaking of the bread, let the ordinary moments of this day become extraordinary sacredness.During this day, may we open our eyes to recognize the Spirit. (silence)In this time of tension and turmoil, pandemic and poverty, racial injustice, and climate change,like the disciples on the Road to Emmaus,we are often a church of grieving pilgrims:Our hopes decimated.Our dreams broken.Our hearts breaking.God of hospitality,break in with your teaching and wisdom.Take.Bless.Break.Give. We lament the brokenness of our world.We wait with kingdom vision.We long for resurrection hope.We would not be foolish and slow of heart.We would believe all that the prophets have declared.We will offer our thanks and praise and gratitude.Beginning with Moses and all the prophets, we remember that: You are the creator.You are the liberator.You are the vision of justice and compassion.You are the way.Thanksgiving.Interpret to us your mystery:Your transcendent holiness,Your immanent nearness,Your steadfast faithfulness,Your infinite love,Your amazing grace.Praise.Remind us of the Messiah: His birth and embodied incarnation, His life and learning and actions, His teachings and sacred wisdom, His suffering and unjust death, His glorious Easter and re-birth of hope.Gratitude.Stay with us, O Holy One, as guest in our hearts.Stay with us as hospitable and inclusive host.*photo credit:* ...
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4 days ago

With the ELCA Deaconess Community today, Thursdays in Black: Toward a World without Rape and Violence. ...
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5 days ago

We love scripture in this visual form with Rev Keith Howard's voice and are continuing to build a YouTube Playlist for Eastertide with scriptures for 2021 the Revised Common Lectionary Year B- New Revised Standard Version. We have complete two and will continue to add as they are completed. You may find these meditations helpful for your compilation or for your use in your worship. Our gift to you dear ones as we continue to move forward in this very unusual time.We have a new Scripture Resources playlist for you to explore for Eastertide. ...
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7 days ago

Spread the word! ...
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