The LDA is a multi-Lutheran organization that includes two communities Lutheran Deaconess Conference and Community of Lutheran Deacons.  The LDA is its own independent community for formation, accountability, and encouragement. 

Vision:  Following Christ, people of God serve those across the street and around the world.


Preparing and supporting the whole people of God in Christ’s call to serve.

1.         We form, send, and nurture communities of deaconesses and deacons in a Lutheran context to serve in all walks of life.

2.         We value ecumenism in our Christian call to serve.

3.         We energize people to serve among and advocate for all affected by brokenness; and we seek to restore wholeness for all creation.

The LDA forms and prepares people to become deaconesses or deacons through a process of education and formation.  LDA students study theology, practice hands-on ministry, grow in their own spirituality, and become members of a lifelong community of deaconesses or deacons.  The formation process for deaconesses and deacons is centered in required 8-day student seminars, and the further requirements include academic courses, counselling or spiritual direction, field placements and portfolio development. 

Once finished the formation process and approved by the LDA, folks are consecrated by the LDA as deaconesses or deacons.  They serve in a broad and diverse variety of ministries that bridge the gap between the church and the world.  Some are serving in diaconal ministries that are congregation-based or church agency related. Others serve Christ through their work in secular groups (e.g. nursing, education, dance, administration).

In 2019, the LDA celebrated their Centennial.  Throughout the year they posted on Facebook, highlighting their history.  Several festive occasions were held to mark this special anniversary. 

In recent years the LDA has formed a Diversity Task Force.  The Task Force’s Mission Statement:   “Informed by these core values…Knowing, Thinking, Valuing, Believing, Doing, Experiencing  …we, as diaconal emissaries of Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, will deviate from the norm for the glory of God by being intentional about seeking out and including, welcoming, and creating space for those of all backgrounds.”